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Monday, 22 March 2010

Iron Cupcake Northampton - The First

Well it's 5am and i am still so over-excited by last nights Iron Cupcake that I cannot sleep (or maybe it's my sugar rush just kicking in...) I am now ironically debating the pros and cons of eating one of Caro's leftover 'Got The Munchies' Caterpillar cakes...

The overall standard of entry was far higher than we could have hoped for, there were some delicious flavour combinations including appropriate 'Alice Themed' ingredients like Earl Grey Tea and Rose Petals (thankfully no rabbit though!) alongside the old favourites of Vanilla, Lemon and Chocolate. Plus some marvellous sugar-work including blue caterpillars, cheshire cats, teacups complete with mini sugar spoons and cookies and the most intricate miniature jam-tarts.We had 36 different flavours to sample and mark and I think it's safe to say we all had a lovely evening (though some of us may need a few cupcake free days to recover).

The photos of everyone's miniature works of art including our three very worthy winners (Sara's top-prize winning 'Curiouser' Rasberry & Chocolate creations, Marcella's beautiful 'Gingerbread 'Tea-cup Cakes' and Jo's delicious 'Vanilla Mad Hatters') will be up very soon.

The next challenge is 'Around the World' so plenty of flavour opportunities to get your heads around there. We will also be introducing a special prize for eaters and bakers alike... best thematic hat of the evening! As suggested by our table of exotic and beautiful ladies who put the rest of us to shame in the debonair stakes.

Prizes included a beautiful raygun drawing by artist Lauren Hubbard at 'Skulls & Robots' art boutique and a goody bag of lovely things from 'Graceface' designer-wear both in the Fishmarket - plus a bottle of pink fizzy, a vintage tea for two at the Nook Cafe and a 'Mexican Sugar Skulls' print  retro-apron from me!

I'd just like to say a final huge thank-you to all the volunteers and helpers who made the event happen... our lovely  top-hatted hostesses Claire, Alex and Sarah on the door, Kaw and Alex with the tea and coffee, Ros with her camera, Pete with the tunes, Joe with the setup and last but by no means least Caro who did everything from printing the bags to wiping the tables to setting up the cakes and was a brilliant mine of information and support from the start!