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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Here are our top three 'Alice in Wonderland' themed mini-works-of-art 
from the First Iron Cupcake Northampton!

'Curiouser Cupcakes'
Sara's exquisitely decorated Rasberry Sponges were topped with White Chocolate Frosting. 
Everyone agreed these were the best on the night! 
Sara won one of my retro Alexander Henry print aprons, a bottle of pink fizz and the Iron Cupcake Trophy!

'Gingerbread Tea-Cup Cakes'
Marcella's second-prize award winning creations were quite extraordinary. 
Gingerbread teacups were filled with very berry sponge cake and topped with vanilla frosting and fresh strawberries. It seemed a shame to eat them, but we coped! 
Marcella went home with an original 'Raygun' work of art by Lauren Hubbard from the Skulls & Robots gallery shop in the Fishmarket and a vintage tea for two here in the Nook Cafe!

'Vanilla Mad Hatters'
Jo's super-tasty vanilla creations took the third prize of a bumper goody bag 
of t-shirts, scarves and jewellery from our friends at the Graceface boutique.

More to follow!...