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Friday, 30 April 2010

Iron Cupcake Northampton #2 Around the World

Small and perfectly formed... Iron Cupcake 2 - 'Around the World' was a cosy affair (i think most people were still suffering the effects of 38 flavours of cake tested a mere 4 weeks ago). 
There were some beautiful sugarcraft creations from Mo and Freya and some delicious world-inspired flavour combinations. 

This months Iron Cupcake Queen is Sharmaine who transported us all to exotic climes with her 
'Taste of The Caribbean' Coconut Cupcakes with lime, coconut and passion-fruit creme and Pineapple Hibiscus decor! A real flavour sensation...
Sharmaine won a Burlesque Goody Bag including a lesson with Miss Luli Blue
plus some beautiful jewellery from Rosanna at Fluffstuffs and our trophy!

'A Taste of the Caribbean'
First Prize Winner in Iron Cupcake Northampton #2
Around the World...

Second Prize went to Laura and her truly scrumptious 'English Strawberries & Cream' Cupcakes. Laura told me she dehydrated the strawberries for 10 hours in the oven to get them that intense. 
These were both in the sponge and on top of these elegant little cakes, it was well worth it, a real strawberry hit that everyone loved.
 'English Strawberries & Cream'
Second Prize Winner in Iron Cupcake Northampton #2
Around the World...

Laura with her prizes... 
a voucher for the gorgeous new 'Lost at Sea' boutique in The Fishmarket 
and a Bellydance & Burlesque session with Luli Blue!

Third Prize went to Caro for her highly unusual and thoroughly delicious 'Thai Pandan Cakes'
these little beauties were coloured a delicate green with an infusion of Pandan leaf (a herb used in Thai cookery as i'm sure we all know!). Caro then filled them with Pandan Custard and topped with a delicate Orange Chiffon Cream. Please excuse the terrible photo...
 'Thai Pandan Cakes'
Second Prize Winner in Iron Cupcake Northampton #2

Special mention must go to Freya and Mo who made epic works of thematic art!